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I am the nerd. Don't mind my ramblings.
I love lots of things! Homestuck, Digimon, Pokemon, Hetalia, Harry Potter, Narnia, A Series of Unfortunate Events, food, books, writing, drawing, daydreaming, cosplaying, singing! Almost anything artistic or creative, I like to do that. PS: I am the Trickster!Vriska in the picture, and the Trickster!Karkat is the best of my best friends, Alyssa, kkvantastheprayingmantis.
The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander.
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It’s September 1st you guys! WE ARE ENTERING THE FALL MONTHS NOW! :D


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how can anime characters easily bite themselves hard enough to break skin and make a cool blood splattering effect out of it i tried this once after watching naruto and screamed and cried

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i want

  • affection 

i have absolutely no idea what to do with and am pretty much uncomfortable with and confused by

  • affection
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i can’t believe people get so angry about a bisexual spider-man. whatever. have your shitty bi/homophobic opinions. you’re an asshole anyway. i just can’t believe you’re robbing everyone of all the glorious ‘swings both ways’ jokes


if you’re thinking something nice about someone you should always say it

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